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Fontaine explodes onto the Spring/Summer scene of 2015/16 with the effect of a sledgehammer by bringing you the Carnage range.  The core of Carnage is unapologetic truth.  We are all guilty, to varying extents, of covering up the truth about ourselves.

We often change things including thoughts, behaviour, and interests to accommodate other people.  Before you know it, you have become a person who is not you, rather a mould of what another would prefer in order to feel better about themselves.

Fontaine intends on smashing that concept by demanding that one’s true nature shines through at all times.  Carnage encourages you to be yourself at all costs and say and no the things that make you feel alive, happy and powerful.  Carnage explores the truth in all its light and darkness and multi layered levels.


Fontaine was born on the shore front of Plage De Pampelonne, St Tropez in France 2010. Fontaine’s head designer was taking in the splendor of the French Riviera’s sunset, dissatisfied with the mundane micro manageable corporate environment he was working in. Dreaming of combining his talents, skills, and love for art, he decided to take the brave step of giving up his nine to five to follow his dream; creating a menswear label (initially focusing on designer mens t-shirts) with key points of difference.

Within a saturated market, and so many labels that feel and look the same, Fontaine had to be different. Fontaine’s vision was to produce garments of high quality and high artistic integrity. Marrying art and high quality fashion for men, into a brand that didn’t have the feel of another mass produced label. Starting out taking on the men’s t-shirt market, Fontaine aims to tell a different story throughout every collection.

The stories, often bold and challenging are told through striking art work and color. All Fontaine garments are hand made using high quality 100% Cotton and are 100% Australian made. Fontaine is now available online and in a wide range of boutiques around Australia and continues to win over people with it’s original vision of artistry and producing high quality fashion.

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